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We're happy to announce that the Altis Life server is finally live and open for everyone to play on. There is no requirements to play on our server, but we want all of you to carefully read the rules through, to prevent being banned from the server, for crossing different rule violations. It would also mean alot to us, if everyone who plays on the server, and/ or enjoys hanging out with the community, on the teamspeak, gameserver and so on would register on the website ("Join website") so that we can keep a count on how many people we are in the community for future expandings of servers.

As this is the very first peak for everyone outsite the administration we will be opening a buglist/fixes thread, so that everyone can go to that section and help us out, by adding bugs to be fixed and stuff related to that. (Link will be added in this post soon).

At the current state servers are being fund by the Admins, we run our server on a Dedicated box and we have also set up a donation system that gives you extra stuff in-game depending on how much you donate, as this is not something we ask you for, but something that would be greatly appreciated to help our servers expand by supporting our community economy. We do not support pay2win, and therefore the stuff you will get is more likely gonna be some cool skins, that doesn't really affect others gameplay.

Head to the donation information section here.

A vision into The Frag Out Altis Life Server

The server is build upon the 3 whitelisted factions, Rebels, Police and Medics, aswell as the default faction Civillian which includes gangs. Application-section for being whitelisted can be found in the top of the front page.

What makes our server unique to others is that we focus way more on the interaction and roleplay, by shrinking the default Tonic build into a smaller zone with only 3 main areas (Pyrgos, Athira and Neochori). And the areas will be controlled by different factions, this will all be explained.

Pyrgos will be the leading government controlled area with 3 exits, all the exits consists of checkpoint where at, the police will be pulling over people and checking suspicious people. By that means, that they gotta have a reason that is suspicious to be able to search your vehicle, as an example if you are entering town wearing rebel clothing, they would have a valid reason to search you and your vehicle, aswell as your passengers. Entering town in a huge cargo vehicle would also be enough of a valid reason to do so. When inside Pyrgos it is the police force's responsibility to keep you safe from murders and robbers. (Image of a checkpoint in pyrgos attached below)

Neochori will be the the rebel controlled town/area and will have Poliakko as their headquarter for drug selling, arms dealing and illegal stuff like so. Likewise the police, the rebels will have checkpoints where they can tax people. Civs who pays this tax to the rebels for doing their illegal jobs inside the rebel area or whatever they are doing, is paying for protection inside the rebel areas, this means they must deal with robbers murders and anyone comitting crimes that does not come along with the rebel policy's inside their zone. People who cross the rebels, will be put on the blacklist and will have a really hard time doing jobs inside the rebel zone, and this is the reason we have a drug dealer in Pyrgos, which is challenging to reach. The rebels will also prevent anyone from the police force to pass through and do whatever they can to knock down police raids on the drug dealer. There is no safezones within the rebel zone, but the rules of RDM&VDM still applies!


Athira will remain a neutral zone for anyone to drive through and/or use the shops within the town.

Civilians will have a lot of different opportunities such as jobs, creating gangs, fighting against the government (with valid roleplay!) and creating illegal street races all over the map. If you would like to form a gang, you can do that under the "Y" menu, and gangs will also have the opportunity to get a gangbase, requirements for a gangbase is as following:

1. You must have atleast 5 active members in the gang.

2. You must have a Gang name!

3. You must be in the gang group for atleast 2 weeks, so notify an admin in good time!

The reason we do this, is to prevent having bases all over the map, this is for the one and only reason for better server performance.

Join the gameserver by clicking "remote" and typing in IP: and Port: 2302 or searching "Fragout" in the search field and choosing "Roleplaying game".

Join the community teamspeak on: and poke an admin to get tags!

More to come!

- The admin team!